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Announce your pregnancy with the perfect, fun, creative, & personal ultrasound baby announcement video!
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"I love it. Brought tears to my eyes." - Jerry

"So exciting and I absolutely LOVE the trailer!" - Michelle

"What a neat way to announce the coming attraction!" - Brenda

"You impressed my family with the creativity of this announcement!" - Janet

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Help Support My Baby Announcement

Help us support expecting mothers & fathers with a heartwarming & memorable baby announcement video!


We are raising money to help expecting, yet underprivileged, mothers and fathers who simply can not afford their own baby announcement video.


The funds we raise, with your support, will go directly to our services to provide a free 90 second pregnancy announcement video (based on your pledges) to expecting mothers and fathers, who simply can not afford one.


Click here to support My Baby Announcement.



We believe everyone should have an opportunity to share this exciting news with their family and friends in a powerful, emotional, and memorable way!


Please help support us and pledge today, so we can provide this heartwarming and memorable service to many underprivileged, yet deserving and expecting mothers and fathers to be.


We believe we can reach our goal of only $50,000 but we need your support to get there. That’s only 100 pledges at $500 each!


As soon as we reach our goal, we’ll be able to give approximately 40 underprivileged mothers and/or fathers to be, their very own special pregnancy announcement video to reveal their big news! The more we can raise above our goal will allow us to give even more underprivileged mothers and/or fathers who are expecting, their very own pregnancy announcement video.


We already have many customers who have contacted us to make them an announcement video for their big reveal, but are unable to do so, because they either don’t have the money to get one made or have some other financial burden. We need you to help support My Baby Announcement, so we can create their special moment and make it shine bright when they reveal this exciting news to their family and friends.



“I love it. Brought tears to my eyes.” – Jerry

“This made an awesome surprise even more amazing! My little nephew is on his way.” – Mark

“You impressed my family with the creativity of this announcement!” – Janet

“Wow! This is so much better than the typical pregnancy announcements we’ve received in the past.” – Stephanie

“What a neat way to announce the coming attraction!” – Brenda

“So exciting and I absolutely LOVE the trailer!” – Michelle